Gomoku 1.0

Get five in a row


  • Simple graphics
  • Three levels of difficulty


  • Very slow

Not bad

Gomoku is a simple strategy game from the noughts and crosses, Othello and Connect Four stable that asks you to outwit the computer by grouping five playing pieces together and collecting points.

All the pieces surrounded by your's then change to your colour. At the end the person with the most pieces on the board wins.

I've played a few of these games before and the key it seems to me is ensuring the gameplay is fast.

Here it is anything but. The computer takes over 30 seconds at a time to choose its move. That's 25 seconds too long for me I'm afraid. There are three levels of difficulty but with such slow gameplay I decided to stop playing while the machine was thinking.

Calculating module written in native ARM assembler can see up to 6 moves and in forcing variants even up to 12 moves ahead.

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Gomoku 1.0

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